When Cultures Come Together: Why La Mar De Músicas is A Must!

For the past 22 years, people have been coming together from all over the world to celebrate culture in Cartagena, Spain every July. This year is no different. Here at LMDES, we're big fans of La Mar de Músicas because it's the perfect opportunity to disconnect, meet new people and truly embrace art from all over the world.

From July 14 to July 22, on 7 different stages, each day you can find something new. Whether it's seeing one of your favorite artists live or discovering a new album that you'll have on repeat for the rest of the summer. La Mar de Músicas brings together acts from an endless number of countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Norway and many more to ignite and exciting sense of life and culture to this seaside city. While most people join together to spend hours at the musical performances, there are also various expositions and performances throughout the festival as well, providing endless opportunities to explore and learn about art, cinema, poetry and even literature.

Photo Source:  La Mar de Músicas

Photo Source: La Mar de Músicas

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Over the span of two weeks, each day you'll be able to encounter at least 3 performances throughout the city, not to mention, many with free entry. With top artists coming in like Residente (of Calle 13), Rosalia, Kandace Springs, Chico Trujillo, Meneno, Nicola Cruz and many other artists, you’ll be able to have the best of it all. La Mar De Músicas is one of those festivals that you’ll keep coming back to and it’s always ready to give more.

So, who do are some must-see artists? Let's take a listen! 


Kanaku y El Tigre


Kandace Springs

La Dame Blanche

Bixiga 70

Excited to see some of these artists? Find the full schedule here

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