Summer Series: In The Kitchen with LMDES // Caldo de Mariscos

Soup is good for the soul. I love soup. Hot or cold, it doesn’t matter. I lived in South Texas for a while and across the road from my job was a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant that made the best Caldo de Mariscos. After moving abroad I knew I would have to try to make it myself. I think it’s better than the original. I've added a few tweaks to this recipe and whenever I make it, it tastes like home in the best way possible! 


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Heat oil in a large pot over medium heat

 Sautee garlic, onions, and tomatoes until onions are translucent and tomatoes are soft. 

Remove from heat. Blend until smooth with cilantro, and rehydrated chiles and salt to taste, using reserve chile water as needed

 Return pot to stove with mixture and stock or water and bay leaf

Bring to a simmer.

Add remaining ingredients and simmer over low heat for 8-10 minutes

Salt to taste


3 large cloves of garlic, minced
1 medium onion, chopped
4 roma tomatoes, chopped
¼ c cilantro, chopped
2-4 dried chiles, deseeded and rehydrated (water reserved)
30ml olive oil
Salt, to taste

2 liters fish stock or water
2 bay (laurel) leaves
500g langostines or shrimp
500g fish, fileted
1000g combination of clams, squid, octopus, crab, scallops
Limes wedges, for garnish


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