In Spain, Every Week Is Fashion Week

With Mercedes Benz Fashion Week currently taking place, our style editor chose to share her reflections on style in Spain. The LMDES team will be at Madrid Fashion Week taking street style photos so if you see us around, be sure to say hi! 

For the past six months, reoccurring reminiscences of Spain constantly plague my mind. Once obsessed with feeling the beautiful textiles of India or witnessing London men conquer street style outside the tents of Fashion Week, Spain was never of great interest in my mind; however, I was only focusing on partial senses of experiencing a foreign territories style. Since copiously thriving in this nation, I’m now appreciative of style in its multifaceted occurrences.  

While abroad, hours were expended enjoying tapas in various Plaza Mayors while observing their occupants. With bright signs proclaiming “Rebajas!” plastered on every store window coupled with beautiful climate, young and elderly towed in hand and browsed daily. From my daily sights, I began to peacefully drown in the enchantment of the country. It became more than beautiful women braving the cobblestoned streets in 4-inch heels and standard department sales of El Corte Ingles. The style was flushed in the historic architecture of the cities and energy of people constantly enjoying the presence of one another in the street.


    The freshness of Spain to my routine American eyes presented a welcome dichotomy. Adjusted to the American way of life and courtesies, the ability to stop and enjoy the present became my favorite activity… well actually, staring is what became second nature. The tall buildings enabled my mind and body to gaze up and daydream while the beautiful passerby’s kept me grounded. Truly becoming observant allowed for beauty to be embodied limitlessly.

Yes, the fashion aficionada in me appreciated the tailored clothing and lack of public pajamas and although I will proclaim a Spanish city will emerge as a dominant European fashion center, this country is far more than their worldwide beloved Zara. Spain: its people and culture, resonate an unmistakable presence and is unlike any other place I’ve had the pleasure to experience.  It has a classic style juxtaposed with evolving modernism; not appearing as any other, it just is.


    Style is everywhere… you simply have to slow down and intently open your eyes to perceive its splendor.

Storm is Style Editor at Las Morenas de España. As a lover of travel, writing, fashion, fitness and meeting new individuals, this Austin dweller is constantly fantasizing about her next great adventure that incorporates all of her interests. Storm is currently completing her last year as an International Studies undergrad while battling reminiscences of Spain.