XOXO, Spain: Holiday Gift Ideas from Spain

Being away from family during the holidays seems pretty daunting, but if you’re anything like me then being away is more of an adventure for everyone than anything else. Part of the adventure is finding great gifts that your family members will love. Here’s a list of 5 quintessentially Spanish gifts that your family stateside will love.





Spain might be an underrated hotbed for fashion, boasting of large companies like Mango and Zara, and espadrilles are a trend and style that is beloved.

Buy the fashionista in your life a pair of gorgeous, hand-crafted espadrilles for the holidays and you’ll be sure to become the family favorite.


Olive Oil Lotion


While Italy may be known for their olive oil, Spain is also a large producer of olive oil and the olive oil products that you find in Spain will make your skin happy.

Send a family member a bottle of olive oil lotion and watch everyone fight over it – it’s that good. A brand we love is Botaneco Garden! 


Spanish Wine

It would be absolutely crazy to send your family presents from Spain without including at least a small bottle of vino! La Rioja is the most known region, but the entire country produces great wine so no matter the type, it’ll surely be a hit.


Hand-Painted Ceramic Plates

These plates are so beautiful that your family may be tempted to simply display them, but you can ensure them that the plates are sturdy enough to serve food. The hand-painted pieces will brighten up any home and bring a piece of Spain stateside.


Tapas Cookbook


Tapas are all the rage around the world, and what better way to introduce your family to them than a recipe book that allows them to make their own? Who knows, your mom may master a recipe and make a tortilla that puts Spaniards to shame!


Have anything you'd add to the list? Let us know below! 

Happy Holidays from LMDES!

Dani Washington is a 20-something expat from DC. Aside from finding the coolest new music, she loves great food, and getting lost in new cities. Connect with Dani and learn about her various adventures on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/thatsdani__/)  and her blog (https://danienespana.wordpress.com).