Halloween Costume Ideas for the Carefree Black Girl

Tis the season to be…oops! Looks like I’ve gotten ahead of myself! Let me take a step back about a month or two because it’s FALL, y’all! The season filled with puerile attempts to catch windswept leaves adorned with glints of amber, pumpkin patch picking, cabernet kisses, and indulging in the most succulent of dishes sure to satisfy any palate.

Now if you’re like me, then almost every year you’ll be so busy enjoying the nearby apple orchards and fall festivals that you’ll forget about planning your costume for this year’s Hellish Celebration. Seriously, I’m always the last person in the store, around two days before Halloween, scavenging for costume ideas! And yes, it always results in the typical – "I’m a sexy policewoman” costume – Whomp. Whomp.

This year, however, we’re gonna plan ahead! Just like we take the time to plan our outfits for date night, we are going to customize and accessorize early for our costumes as well. Below, I came up with a few costume ideas to get your blood flowing, stomachs churning, and zombie brains aching with desires to make this Halloween the best yet!


Keeping It Sexy

 When you work a 9-5, grocery shop and clean on Saturdays, and rest up on Sundays, it’s sometimes hard to turn up the steam. This should give you even more reason to bring your sexy back this Halloween!


IG Model

Brittanie Evans is one of my fave Instagram Bombshell Babes. Using her beauty, brains, and body to not only inspire, but also generate a little profit on the side, makes her a triple threat! What’s not sexy about that? Grab your waist trainer and bronzer and get to hash-tagging!


Playboy Bunny

This costume happens to be an iconic staple in the Halloween Costume Community that’s not only fairly reasonable to create, but also wreaks sex appeal! With this costume, you’ll be able to turn a couple of heads, snag the one, and even come home with a karat or two (get it…carrot or two?!?)! ;)


“Ladies leave your man at home…” Let’s ditch that mantra this year and make your Halloween Celebration a tag-team event! Here are a few creepy couple costumes that kill…literally!


Salt and Killer Cayenne Pepper

Add a little spice to your life by upping the ante on this condiment costume. This costume is cute, flame-worthy, and will add flavor to any dance floor!


Bloody Bonnie and Killer Clyde

 A couple that slays together, stays together! These villains are known for canvasing the states on the most notorious killing spree west of the Mississippi! For this year’s Halloween, let their legacy live on as you and your significant other haunt in holy matrimony!


 The 80’s fashion era where side ponies and loud neon colors are more my thing, but then again I can’t deny that I’m having the time of my life revisiting the 90’s in my chokers, block heels and grunge attire to match! Now if neither tickles your fancy and rocking petticoats under your A-line skirts are more your thing, then here are some outfit ideas for your classic Hallow’s Eve!


Eartha Kill-itt (Eartha Kitt)


Be the cat’s me-ow this Halloween. Purrrrr your way into getting more treats than tricks this year and cat-scratch anyone who chooses to give up the latter!


Ruby Deadly (Ruby Dee)

 We all remember Ruby for her iconic roles and being an ever so cute and fashion forward activist and actress. And we can’t forget how her pics with hubby, Ossie, screamed #couplesgoals! Switch things up a bit and make her more ghoulish, grim, and gruesome this year! Ossie won’t know what hit him!



Some of us have the time and creativity to create the best Halloween costume ever, yet we don’t have the money to make it happen. Don’t let that damper your spooky holiday though! Here are a few costume ideas that are creative and inexpensive and just might afford you the title “Best Costume” at any frightful fiesta!


Arthur Meme

My childhood memory of this lovable cartoon has been tarnished, yes. But who cares!!! These memes were freaking HILARIOUS! With your favorite pair of jeans, yellow sweater, and balled up fist, of course, you’ll definitely make your night a thriller!



Using that white sheet to be a basic ghost is soooo 2015! Snapchat is ranked as the 2nd most popular app for 2016 for a reason. That being said, you might as well dress up as the beloved ghost and take pics with friends! You can be their personal filter!

So which costume caught your eerie eye? Leave your favorite below and be sure to head over to www.shimmysistah.com to see some paranormal makeup tips!


Jazmine is a lover of all things GLAM, GLITTERY, GLITZ, & GOLD! After she tires from spending her parents' money, turning UP, bleaching her teeth, and tanning to achieve that Mocha-Cocoa hue, she blogs on all things Shimmy & so much more!