Time To Skip The Gym: 3 Fun Ways To Get Fit At Home

Autumn is almost here which means that summer vibes are slowing down and it’s the perfect time to start over and make new goals to finish the year strong. Sometimes funds don’t always allow for us to pay for a gym membership or classes but not to worry, there are other ways.


If you’ve been aiming to up your healthy game and incorporate fitness into your everyday life but you’re not a fan of treadmills or ellipticals, we’ve got the solution for you. Don’t be fooled, being healthy can also be fun (and cheap)! Here are some different ways to get moving without heading to the gym.


Photo via  FoodandWine

Photo via FoodandWine

Nike Training Club

I don’t think I’ve ever loved anything as much as I love this application. Despite what that says about my love life, it says even more about all that the app has to offer. With the recent upgrade, it’s even better as it helps you hit your fitness goal depending on the resources you have and what you want to accomplish. With over 100 workouts, you can choose what fits you best and you can create a customizable 3-6 week program that will adapt to your current fitness level, equipment you have, how busy your schedule is and so much more.

With videos showing you how to properly do each of the exercises, it holds your hand and pushes you to work harder to get where you want to be. Did we mention that this personal trainer is FREE .99?!


Pop Sugar Fitness

Pop Sugar Fitness is another great resource if you are looking for something outside of the box to get moving. Their Youtube Channel and Facebook page give you endless workout videos that range from 3 minutes to 45, so if “I don’t have time” is your normal excuse, you’ll have to throw that out the window.

Anna Renderer, who participates or leads all of the classes, will become your best friend as she sweats and struggles with you through the sessions. They collaborate with fitness experts to tackle things like cardio boxing, HIIT, pilates and even hip-hop dance. So, there is something for everyone and you can do it right from home. 

Not to mention, the website also has great food and wellness tips to give you a rounded experience! 


The Fitness Marshall

For all of you who love to get down, The Fitness Marshall is a fun way to break a sweat and feel like you’re on the dance floor or having fun with a group of friends. He brings together people on all different levels of their fitness journey to dance with him, proving that moving and losing weight through dance is accessible for everyone. Choose one of the premade playlists they have and follow along from home or just pick your favorite songs and get to it with a smile on!


What are some of your favorite ways to workout at home? 

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