Finding The Caribbean in Europe

Do you love the Caribbean?

It's one of my favorite places. I have fond memories of sitting by the beach, the waves lapping up and the sun shining bright. While relaxing and drinking a virgin strawberry daiquiri, I couldn't help but think... this is the life and it doesn't get much better than this and I was right. It was one of the many things I got right at the age of eight.

Ever since, I have been looking for the best beaches around the world. Barcelona is truly a gem of a city. It has some of the most vivid and intriguing beaches in Europe, the electric blues and light purple colors of the water, the creamy golden color of the sand and the kindness of the people make it a magical and special place.

photo via  Suite life

photo via Suite life

It's a place where you feel as if everyone knows your name, the friendliness of the people along with a great appreciation of the essential things in life; food, music and good times. I always judge a place based on the coffee. Let's just say that, the coffee in Barcelona is amazing. It is strong and flavorful which is a great representation of the people and the city.

If you are looking for your money to go a long way, Barcelona is the place to visit. You can find outstanding food for under five euros for breakfast while lunch and dinner will run you under ten. It's a shoppers dream location. I found a vintage fox fur jacket for under 50 euros at the local Oxfam store and there are shops for all price points. I stayed at the Equity Hostel right on the beach for 15 Euros a night and while at Barceloneta beach there was a Japanese culture festival, where one could try on a kimono, sample Japanese beer and learn more about the culture.

There are daily free tours of the city which is a great opportunity to learn about the how the Moors took the city, the Catalan people and the rich, diverse history of the city. Barcelona has the best to offer, the food, music, culture, and shopping are extraordinary. If you love the Caribbean, this is a great location in Europe to visit that is much cheaper and has so much to give.

What is the most important thing that you look for when you visit a city?

April is a fun loving Ohio girl who took a chance and moved to Deutschland. She is exhilarated by frolicking, travel, fashion and food. April is also passionate about sharing money-saving travel tips because saving money is awesome!