Find Work You Love: "I want to work abroad but…"

… I’m not a teacher!

This is probably the most common response we receive when we ask why people are hesitant to move abroad to countries like Spain, France, Japan, South Korea, UAE and Taiwan (all of which have government and private sponsored teaching programs).

That’s completely okay!

Here at LMDES HQ, we are grateful to have a built a community of professionals ranging from multi-talented freelancers, digital nomads, artists, creatives entrepreneurs, remote workers to the classic 'go-to' profession of English Teacher.

Making the leap is daunting. Not sure you’ll make rent. Getting lost in tax and visas paperwork.
Negotiating salaries and work terms in a foreign language and culture.
We’ve lived it, made it to other side and survived it to tell the tale.

Now we want to share this wisdom with you. Join us May 30, 1PM  EST

We’ve pooled our collective lived experience into a step by step roadmap detailing how to secure work abroad.

Learn from real life examples of individuals, just like you who already made the leap. Discover the mistakes to avoid, cultural norms to follow. From practical tips to mindset and motivation. We’ve got you.

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