Up and Coming Musicians to Know: Feli and the Lemonshakers

A long day of recording and rehearsing couldn’t stop Feli and the Lemonshakers from giving a thrilling and soulful performance at an intimate, secret concert in the heart of Madrid.

Self-described as an Indie-Tropical band, Feli and the Lemonshakers play music that is “a mixture between Vampire Weekend + Florence and the Machine + Lianne La Havas.”

Without a doubt their heartfelt and uplifting tunes are enough to help you forget your worries and get your body moving. With Feli’s effortless singing into a mic covered with flowers lending to the island vibe and genuine smiles on all of the band members' faces, their joy was contagious. It certainly had the audience chanting for more at the end of their performance.

Representing four different countries, the diversity of the band is striking and according to the members lends to their music. Feli herself is Afro-Swedish, the guitarist from the US, the percussionist from Spain and the bass player from Chile.

Carlos, the percussionist, says that he feels lucky to work with such open people who “talk about their lives through their instruments” and have so many stories to tell.

LMDES was fortunate to experience that for ourselves because during their performance, Feli spoke about her African background. One of their newest songs is about memory, written together by the band, based on Feli’s family history and dedicated to them.

Felicia shares that her Senegalese and Guinean background influence their music. Her mother’s blues background, dancing with her father when she was a child along with her knowledge of African folk music and guitars, have helped to shape what and how she composes. Meanwhile, Carlos’ brings his Spanish influence on the percussion side, for example by introducing certain hand clapping rhythms reminiscent of a certain flamenco flavor.

In the midst of dealing with visa issues, the band is currently separated. However, their optimism isn’t limited to their song lyrics. They are making the distance work with three of the four members in L.A. where Feli and the Lemonshakers was born.

In fact, they have already been working on new songs and recording when they can for their second EP, including while here in Madrid during their reunion after two months apart.
This band is one to keep your eyes on. Made up of down-to-earth people from such different backgrounds, they represent a unique mix of cultures, coming together to make music imbued with positivity and a desire to uplift and unite. As they shared, their goal is to inspire their audience to “find strength in our differences as people.”

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