Family Friendly Cities in Europe: Kid-Friendly Destinations in Europe

Taking a vacation with children is both a privilege and daunting task. Where do you go? How far is too far? Will there be kid-friendly activities to do in the city? How stroller accessible is the city? And the big one: is it affordable? These are questions that parents everywhere ask themselves before booking a flight to their dream destination. Traveling to Europe with kids can be just the bonding experience you need! Not only is it educational, it’s also an enriching experience for parents and children alike. There’s nothing like introducing your little ones to the sites and places they’ve seen in their history books!

If you’re interested in family friendly cities in Europe, keep reading!

Munich, Germany

For the parents: What is there to do in Munch, Germany? Hi, German beer, nice to meet you. Munich is home to the traditonal Oktober Fest that happens annually. If you head to Eisbachwelle, you can do some surfing! Yes, you read that correctly. After you’ve burned sufficient calories, you can replenish your strength with German sausages!

For the kids: Don’t miss a chance for a photo-op in front of Munich’s landmark St. Peter’s church. If you’re in Munich in the summer, head over to Müller´sches Volksbad for a swim in an Art Noveau bulding built in 1901. There’s also Roman baths and a steam house, read: fun for everyone! There’s also a toy museum and the Deutsches Museum, one of the oldest science musems in the world with hundreds of kid-friendly, hands-on activities.

Barcelona, Spain

Photo by  Vitor Monteiro

For the parents: Did somebody say beach day? Barcelona and its surrounding towns have some of the most remarkable beaches in Spain! If that’s not convincing enough, think about the whimsical architecture of Antoni Gaudí or the wine tours available! We recommend taking a food tour with Devour Spain if possible for an authentic tapas-tasting experience hosted by food enthusiasts who really know their stuff! There’s also the option to hire a private tour just for families! Barcelona is also a very bike-friendly city which means saving money on transport and seeing more for less!

For the kids: We recommend the Chocolate Museum in Barcelona with a visit to the CosmoCaixa, an interactive museum sure to capture even the pickiest of kids’ attention!

Rome, Italy

Photo by  Willian West

Photo by Willian West

For the parents: Italy is one of the most family-centric countries in the world. They love the bambinos! Luckily for the parents, it’s also one of the most alluring cities in the world too! In my opinion, Rome is best at night when the streets are a bit emptier, and you can take in the magestic architecture at your own pace. Take your partner out for a long and leisurely aperitif while you absorb the beauty all around you. Oh, and pizza. Pizza is also a good thing.

For the kids: Did we mention pizza? How about gelato? Even the ficklest of eaters can get on board with spaghetti and meatballs, right? That’s enough about food. I believe the best part about Rome is seeing the places we have read about in school like the Pantheon or the Colosseum where the gladiators used to fight! How about a quick trip to Vatican City or to check out the Sistine Chapel? Look into buying an arts and culture pass to save money and even skip some of the lines! And remember, when in doubt¨pizza + gelato = happy kids!

While the cobblestoned streets and party culture may deter some parents from traveling to Europe with children, it’s safe to say that with a bit of prior planning, you can in fact create a trip that makes parents and kids happy!