Flawless Fall Beauty Favorites

As many of you may know: I, Danni, am a complete and total product junkie. It’s true, but it may also help to know that I hoard other things such as black skinny jeans and buy all of my spices in pairs or triplets, you know, just in case the world runs out of dill. I’ve been experimenting with new beauty products this Fall and I’d love to share the ones that worked best for me. Protecting your skin as seasons change is so important and these products are worth it. 

*Disclaimer: I’m no beauty expert, I’m just a natural hair enthusiast who has been playing in lip gloss and rouge since I was 4. The fact that I go through so much trial and error is what helps me to find what works and doesn’t. In no way am I under the impression that we all have the same beauty needs, but if there’s something on this list that strikes your eye, try it and let me know how it worked for you.

Natural Nails


Essence Pro White Hardener

Why: I like to wear my nails long, especially since I’m no longer working with the itty bitty babies. And I understand that there’s a higher risk of them breaking or chipping. I’ve been using Essence Pro White Hardener to strengthen my nails, and whiten my natural nail bed too.

Where to find it: Clarel

All Moisturizer

True Blue Spa: Lay It On Thick

Why: This lotion always comes through in the clutch. I asked my mom to bring some over when she visited me this Fall because I was running low. Madrid gets chilly, and it’s also quite dry which means: I get ashy! In the summer, I prefer lighter, fragrance free lotions, but for Fall, there’s only one solution for me: Lay It On Thick. It feels like I’m wearing a protective shield made of shea butter, and it lasts all day!

Where to find it: Bath and Body Works

Eco-Friendly Facial Cleanser


Trader Joe’s SPA Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil

Why: I have extremely sensitive skin that often gets dried out with harsh chemicals, alcohol and abrasive cleansers. I stopped using astringents and the like years ago and switched to Trader Joe’s tea tree oil facial cleanser because it cleans deeply, but doesn't dry out my skin afterward.

Where to find it: Amazon.com or Trader Joe’s stores

Autumn Bronzer


Sleek Bronzer Block (dark)

Why: Because I’m not ready to let go of summer, that’s why! The Sleek Bronzer Block is compact and glides on easily without clumping or matting. I like the color combinations and I use the rosy color as a blush. It’s light and ideal for everyday wear.


Where can you find it: Beautik Stores

Natural Hair Holy Grail

Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter

Why: In the summer, I tend to use lighter oils on my hair like macadamia oil or almond oil; however, in the fall, I rely more on creamy, thicker butters that really penetrate my hair shaft, not just coat it superficially. Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter does just that. I use it daily before putting my hair away just before bed, and this allows it time to work its moisturizing magic. A little does go a long way, and I foresee it lasting a very long time.

Where to find it: Carol’s Daughter site or Amazon.

What are some of your favorites when it comes to fall beauty? 


Danni, Community + Content Director at Las Morenas de España, is a twenty-something, Chicago native currently residing in Madrid. Lover of language, words, and travel, she's managed to combine all of her passions through her work. In her free time, you can find her exploring the winding streets of Madrid, hunting down good flight deals, planning her next adventure and writing & researching for LMDES. Danni loves spicy food, natural hair, music and of course, her wonderful life partner. If you need to find her, she’s the girl with huge hair and her face buried in her Kindle.