Expat Business in Spain: Expat Companies in Spain You NEED to Visit

Expat life is often riddled with unexpected loops, turns and detours. It’s not the most straight-forward route to take when starting a business due to the fact that language barriers, navigating real estate and dimplomacy can frankly be too much at times. That said, that hasn’t stopped these American expats in Spain from starting their own companies!

expat companies in spain

American Brunch Since 2013: Carmencita Bar & La Gringa

If you know, you know. For all the fellow “old heads” in Madrid you’ll recognize this name instantly! Carmencita Bar was the very first establishment in Madrid to offer a traditional American brunch option, with mimosas to boot! We’re talking hash browns, bagels, eggs benedict, the works! While brunch is now much easier to find in Spain, we need to give credit to Marianne who started this big wave and has been a staple in the expat community since 2013! Brunch at Carmencita is in such high-demand that they’ve opened another locale just down the street, La Gringa, a cheeky wink at this expat’s American roots.

From LA to Madrid: Hairstylist Shimada Kemp

Not only is Shimada Kemp a seasoned hairstylist, singer and entertainer, he’s also a Black man from LA who knows his way around a head of hair! He’s a self-proclaimed multi-texture stylist and does everything from coloring to cuts to makeup! I’ve been in Madrid for 9 years, and I can’t remember a time without Shimada. He’s been a God-send for all the English-speakers who don’t feel comfortable navigating the salon world in another language. Looking for Afro hair salons in Madrid? We’ve got you covered!

Traditional Chicken & Waffles: Meet Newcomer Tara Brown of Atlas Alitas

To be fair, since I’m plant-based, I haven’t been keeping up-to-date with chicken and waffle scene, but from what I have actualy seen, this young woman is making waves in all the right ways! She’s partnered with La Pasa Gin Bar and US-born rapper ProfeSoul for her pop-up all you can eat chicken and waffle brunch! Tara is an Atalanta-born chef who has studied all over specifically in Haifa, Israel which makes her take on chicken and waffles that much more special. And yes, we said all you can eat. Check out her first feature in Naked Madrid here! Looking for traditional soul food in Madrid? Look no further!

Craft Beer in Madrid: 24 Taps at the Village Tap Room

Ryan Day is the founder of Grupo Bang Bang which includes several staples such as Slow Mex, who we’ve been a fan of for years, Toast Cafe and Roll. The Village Tap is their latest addition to the Bang Bang family and it dons an impressive 24 different taps of craft beer. As if enjoying craft beer in Madrid isn’t lush enough, they host weekly events like open mic nights and poetry readings. The vibes at the Village Tap are swoon-worthy with the exposed brick and overflow of natyral lighting! You must see it for yourself. Come for the beer, stay for the vegan, vegetarian and tasty meat options. Check out the zucchini fries and thank me later.

Opening a business abroad is not for the weak of heart. It’s for the dreamers, but more precisely, the doers. It requires navigating laws, codes, real estate, permits, licenses, the works! These entrepreneurs are admirable for several reasons: firstly, they saw a need and they decided to bring solutions, and also because they started from scratch! We often forget that when we leave our home country and move abroad we’re taking a risk, but more than a risk, we’re betting on ourselves. For Marianne, Shimada, Tara and Ryan it seems to be paying off!

Will you be the next expat business in Spain?