Event Recap: LMDES Summer Kickback

There comes a time when you just want to kick it. What do I mean when I say "kick it", well I'm talking about listening to music while engaging in stimulating and good conversations with a variety of people! This was the vibe that I had in mind while planning the LMDES Summer Kickback, and it went down even better than I had imagined! 

We welcomed women and men from a variety of walks of life. There were digital nomads, university students, veteran professionals, entrepreneurs, new expats, old expats, artists, you name it! Some travelled from Sevilla, Barcelona and even as far as he UK in order to spend the afternoon with LMDES at Saporem

With each event that we host, we're overwhelmed with joy and excitement at the new faces we get to meet each time! Hearing all of the stories gives us inspiration and hope about the thriving community of color in Spain. 

We welcomed back a few familiar faces who had previously attended our Thrive Conference which is always a treat! We also got to catch up with an alumna of the LMDES Getaways retreat who-- since having attended the retreat in December-- has made the move to Spain!  There was even a study abroad student who chose to spend one of her remaining Sunday afternoons with us before heading home in two short weeks!

As if being surrounded by dope and uplifting people isn't enough, there were so many wonderful giveaways and plate after plate of deliciousness! 


Thank You!

I'd like to thank each and every attendee of the Kickback as well as everyone who has ever supported an LMDES event! Thank you for pouring into this community! Without you, there is no LMDES! 

Thank you to Saporem for hosting us again! Your staff are so attentive, and the presentation was stunning! 

To DMÁ Internacional-- you're so very talented and your professionalism is unmatched! Thank you for capturing the magic! 


To our collaborators

Cecilia Wax, your love of for your art in all its vibrant colors shines through. 

Ópalo, you're changing the face of artesenal beer in Spain and we're lucky to witness your growth! 

Desperate Literature, we've been fan girling over you since 2015 and what you all do is so very needed! To all of the polyglots, please pay them a visit! 

The Organic Spa, if we could live within those four walls, we would, but we'll have to settle with visiting you all as much as possible. We've yet to find a more professional, hygienic, well-decorated, and luxurious spa in Madrid!