The Taste of the Subcontinent in Zaragoza: El Sabor de la India

Two weeks ago, on the eve of my 22nd birthday, I decided to treat myself by going out for dinner. After all, it’s not everyday that you turn 22!

Originally, I had intended to go out for migas (a dish consisting of mainly of breadcrumbs) or tapas, but while walking along the Paseo de Fernando El Católico, I noticed that El Sabor de la India (ostensibly the only Indian restaurant in Zaragoza) was open. As a fan of Indian food, I was naturally intrigued so I decided to dine there for the evening. Such a good life decision on my part!

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Interior-wise, it looks like a typical Indian place that you would encounter in the States but that by no means detracted from my experience. Indeed, the decor lent itself to a feeling of pleasant familiarity.

For my entreé, I ordered shrimp Madras with mushroom rice and a side of garlic naan. The curry was very well-done, spicy, but not to the point where the overall flavor was overwhelmed. It coordinated very well with the rice and naan, which were delicious by themselves.

After devouring everything on my plate, I went with something light for dessert, a lemon sorbet topped with red berries. It was, without a doubt, one of (if not the) best servings of sorbet I’ve ever had. The consistency was so smooth and creamy, similar to that of whipped mousse. For my after-dinner digestive, I enjoyed a warming cup of red tea.

While it’s not often that I splurge on a meal (as an auxiliar, my salary makes that difficult), but there’s no doubt that El Sabor de la India was worth it. With a nice ambience as well as friendly, accommodating service and great food, I will definitely be stopping by there again in the future!

Betty is a 22-year old recent graduate from Wake Forest University who recently moved to Zaragoza, Spain (in the region of Aragón)  as an auxiliar de conversación (English Teaching Assistant). When she's not writing entries for this site and throwing back tapas at the bars in El Tubo, she can be found writing about her ramblings and observations on her personal blog, The Pumpkin's Head.