4 Tips To Ease Your Way Into Veganism

Starting out the journey to becoming a vegan is a big positive step forward. Each person will have his or her own personal reasons for wanting to do it. If you are curious to learn about it or to try it, here are a few helpful tips on making the transition much easier.

 This is going to be a time where you will be experiencing something new and learning from it. It is often assumed that this transition is mainly to do with physical changes – such as, with our body changes, our appetite, the choices of food, the environment, animal welfare and more – all wonderful reasons to explore veganism! But there may also be a transition in many other ways - from within. And this is when the journey becomes very interesting to watch as it unfolds!

Perhaps approach your curiosity as an opportunity to reflect and learn about your Self – through your emotions, what inspires you, your resistance and the challenges. For this, I would recommend starting a journal to track what comes up for you as you develop.

This may be a gradual process – So be gentle with yourself! Like everything new, it may take time to change old habits, to adjust and to learn. Have fun exploring and don't feel the need to pressurise your Self into rushing the journey. This is a personal experience.

Photo via  Oh She Glows

Photo via Oh She Glows



Use online tools

An easy and cheap way to look up for information is to do an online search. As well as many vegan food blogs and food websites, YouTube is a wonderful place to start. The number of channels on here that are dedicated to vegan food, cooking and the vegan lifestyle are endless! You could also use social media to follow people and organisations that are already enjoying a vegan lifestyle.

The more you surround your self with examples of inspiring people who are living the change you want in your life, the easier it may be to see how these changes can apply to you too! Again, this is a personal choice and experience - it’s not about comparing your Self to others – it’s about being inspired to get more ideas.


Tip: Collect and subscribe to various online resources. Some examples: On YouTube, subscribe to vegan channels that inspire you. You could also collect recipes in your own personal vegan folder.


Happy Cow

A great resource place to find information on veganism, plus places to shop and eat near you.


Alternative guide magazine exploring holistic health in Madrid and around Spain



Take a visit to your local health food store and start reading the labels

By habit, we may be used to only visiting certain food aisles or stores. If you’re feeling inspired, take the next step and visit your local health food store or start with new areas of your usual place. Large food stores also have a wider range of foods for vegetarians and vegans these days. It's also worth taking your time to browse the products and the labels.

This is all about putting your collected information/inspirations into real practice. By getting familiar with your local food stores and what they provide, it becomes easier to change our food shopping routines.


Tip: Before you go food shopping, set an intention on what you would like to learn today. This keeps things very simple. Some examples: I would like to find more vegetables for the recipe I saw online. I would like to see where I could find vegan burgers for the next barbecue gathering.

Online Shops - Spain

A list of online shops in Spain to buy vegan products.

Planet Vegano


Veggie Room



Gradually replace your current food choices for vegan options

Gradual transition will slowly help you see how the changes suit you and what you want to enjoy exploring more.

A gentle way to transition into veganism is to gradually replace certain foods for vegan options. You can still enjoy many of your usual meals with vegan substitutes. To extend this further, you could cut back on meat and fish portions. Or you might find it helpful to gradually increase your vegetables and fruit intake.

Another transition option is to eat only vegan meals for 1 to 2 days each week – and gradually build the amount of days.

If you like to go out to eat, this is the perfect time to try veggie choices on the menu and new restaurants.


Tip: Make a weekly food plan where you outline what your aims are. For example: This week, I will eat a vegan diet on Monday and Thursday. This week, I will replace my meat options with vegan substitutes in my recipe. This week, I will enjoy more green smoothies and salads with every meal.



Meet new people on your vegan journey 

As with every new step, it's a great joy to be able to share with others – and to feel excited about it! This is a beautiful opportunity to not only expand your food choices, but to also to grow you circle of friends and the places you visit. In doing so, you might find even more tips to help with your transition and to hear other people’s stories. 

Tip: MeetUp.com is an online community that bring together groups that share common interests. Try searching for a vegan group meeting near you.


Tera Kaur is a TCK (Third-Culture-Kid), yoga and meditation teacher for Tera Kaur Yoga - Based in Barcelona and London. When she's not teaching on the beach or local parks of Barcelona, she loves to spend her free time writing for OM Barcelona and travelling.