Out with the Old: 5 Creative Ways to Organize Your Closet

I'll admit it: I like clothes (and shoes, and bags, and scarves, and...). It's true, but I know for a fact that I'm not alone in this. I like stuff, yes, but I loathe clutter. So, what does one do when these two contradictions collide in a big boom of a-line dresses, high-waisted jeans, and espadrilles? Organize. I've been extremely fortunate to have large closets in all of my flats in Europe (bless all the way up) and I'm at a point (again) where it's time to purge, organize, and de-clutter. 

There are people who swear by Marie Kondo's "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" but frankly, I'm a bit past the point of having a heart-to-heart with each t-shirt I own to see if it brings me joy or not. I'd probably go mad before I made it through the Winter section of my closet. That said, here are a few creative ways to re-organize your closet! Choose the one that best suits you (your attention span, and level of cares you have to give)! 

Photo Via:  Femme Blk

Photo Via: Femme Blk


Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall 

Divide your closet into four sections, and separate the items according to season. Check PInterest, as they have plenty of DIY closet organizers. This will help limit your options in the morning to one section, and hopefully ease your morning routine and un-complicate your life a bit! 


The Turn Around

Did I mention that I like clothes? Well, confession: there are items in my closet that still have tags on them. Sorry not sorry, but it's true. I am making a personal goal to wear everything in my closet at least once, and although the task seems insurmountable, I've got a hack. Every time I wear something, I turn the hanger in the opposite direction, so I know that I've worn it! It's a great and simple visual reminder! Try it! 


Pretty Colors

Where my OCD friendz at?! Gosh, it is so visually appealing to see your clothes all neatly arranged by color. Science fact: looking at a clothes rainbow every time you open your closet is guaranteed to make your day at least 15.5% better. Also, many people choose their clothes based on mood, well, color and mood go hand in hand! Feeling flirty, go straight to the pinks and purples. Feeling "Cipriana" yes, that's an actual feeling, head to the black and grey section! 


Long to Short 

This may seem tedious, but I've tried it, and it really isn't as bad as it seems. I knew exactly where my pants and skirts were versus my shirts and long dresses. It'll take a moment, but again, super satisfying for the eye! If you want to go all Inception on your closet combine long to short with color and season. Wha? Mind blown.  


Back of the Line

This one is simple, and great if you have the attention of a goldfish, and basically can't be bothered. All you do is wear something, then when you finish with it-- wash it too folks, come on-- you put it at the other end of of your closet. Now here's the catch, in theory, you wear only what's next in line! If you like living life on the edge, here you go! Of course there's room to cheat because you're obviously not going to rock a sequins crop-top to a job interview, but no matter what, when you're finished, back of the line! This way all of your lovely clothes babies get a chance in the spotlight! 



If you haven't worn something in a year, you probably never will, so toss it. You had 4 seasons, 12 months and 365 days, and you hard passed at every turn. Let it go! 

By cleaning out the old, you make room for the new. 

If it's got 3 holes, and not where your arms and neck go, you need to cut it. 

Also, be a blessing to someone else: donate, and pay it forward! After all, it is just stuff *stares at my reflection in the mirror* 

Happy Organizing! 

Danni, Community + Content Director at Las Morenas de España, is a twenty-something, Chicago native currently residing in Madrid. Lover of language, words, and travel, she's managed to combine all of her passions through her work. In her free time, you can find her exploring the winding streets of Madrid, hunting down good flight deals, planning her next adventure and writing & researching for LMDES. Danni loves spicy food, natural hair, music and of course, her wonderful husband. If you need to find her, she’s the girl with huge hair and her face buried in her Kindle.