Do It For The ‘Gram: How To Capture The Perfect IG Photo

Let's be honest, Instagram is one of those things where we love it but at the same time, we struggle with certain aspects of it.  As many of us know, IG the highlight reel of our lives as we show the trips we take, the fun people we meet and the stylish pics of us dressed in the garments we bought while on our latest vacation to some remote island off the coast of Croatia. Of course, we all strive for authenticity and transparency in the photos we take and share with the world... but on the other hand, we also want to capture beautiful photos to share with the world. 

Being someone who is guilty of spending a decent amount of timing on getting the right shot on Instagram, I want to share some tips and tricks for those of you who are hoping to up your game. We all have an inner photographer in us, so now is the time to let her shine! 

photo via  spirited pursuit



Lighting is everything. It can be the make or break point of the perfect Instagram photo or one that will look over edited and grainy because you couldn’t get the lighting right the first time. A few tips… never take a photo against the sun, always position yourself so that the sun is shining on you. Take advantage of natural light as much as you can. Also, take advantage of early morning and evening hours for the perfect glow, when the sun isn’t too bright but has the perfect glow.  


Bright Colors

Colors are everything. Even if you’re into the minimalist vibes (guilty on that one) there is always something intriguing about having a pop of color every now and then. Find a bright wall or a building with contrasting colors to really grasp a different feeling that your followers will love.


Change Your Angle

Try taking a photo from a different angle than what you’re used to. Take a break from the straight angles but instead see what that photo would look like from above or maybe if you’re standing in a different position. There are so many different ways to capture the same image and it doesn’t hurt to play around a bit to see what you like best.  


Find A Focus

Take a moment and think about what feeling you want to be capturing. Freedom? Serenity? Playfulness? Now, take that and find the focus of your photo. Pro note: Add people in your photos as much as you can! Adding an individual in the shot will make it more interesting a majority of the time, even if you’re trying to get a scenic photo. People bring a dynamic feel no matter the situation!


How's your IG game? Share your Tips and Tricks With Us Below!

Sienna Brown is the founder of Las Morenas de España. From New York to Murcia, Spain, she is constantly on a journey to inspire and be inspired while engaging in different methods of creation.  Her passion for learning about others leads her towards constant exploration and practicing the art of listening as much as she can. See more of her work here and follow her adventures on instagram.