Can't Travel, Will Cook: 5 Dishes to Cook When You Can't Hop on a Plane

So you’ve been planning and saving, but the way your bank account is set-up... well let's just say, there are no current flights on the horizon. Someone once said that food has the ability to transport you to another country and time. We're going to test that out! Though you won’t be leaving home per say, you'll find that your dream destinations are only a supermarket trip away.


We're kicking off this European tour in Spain!

Chocolate con churros

There is nothing like hot churros and thick chocolate first thing in the morning after a night of dancing in Madrid (or anywhere for that matter). The best part about making churros at home is that you likely have everything in your house already: butter, flour, eggs, and water. We've found a recipe for you! Click here to learn how to make your own churros, and don't forget to #LMDES so we can drool over your photos! 


Next stop: Porto, Portugal!

Pastéis de Bacalhau

Dreaming of Porto, Portugal? We think you should try making Pastéis de Bacalhau (salt cod fritters). They're crunchy, and the perfect finger food for a girls' night in! If you want to take things next level, try whipping up some alioli to go with it! 


Ohh, la la, let's go to France!

Patê, s'il vous plait


There's something so c=enchanting about France! If you're at home, humming Sur le Pont d’Avignon trying making these vegetarian patés.  This one is made with celeriac and this one is with lentils. There are also versions made with mushrooms too! The sky is the limit! 


There's more to the Netherlands than the red light district, and coffee houses, you know! 



Imagining cruising down Amsterdam’s canals? Then make your own paper boat filled with kibbeling (battered fried fish) and hot, fresh appelbeignets suffocated in powder sugar to warm your soul. Nothing says Netherlands like fried fish! Am I right? (maybe that's a thing, not sure!) 


Can't forget Germany!

Mulled wine

Admit it: you're on the stair climber pretending to walk up stairs of the Cologne Cathedral tower.  It's okay, we understand. Traveling is our favorite too. In order to take the edge off, try and make a warm mug of Glühwein (mulled wine) and a Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancake). Carb overload for the win! 

It’s not difficult or expensive to take a culinary journey while you prepare to one day set off on your adventure! In the mean time, enjoy these delicious dishes we've suggested!  Happy cooking!


Diane, a Philadelphia native, entrepreneur and busy mother of 2 currently living on the outskirts of Madrid.  Between baking cookies and doing business consultations she loves spending time with her family intentionally getting lost and table-top gaming.