Black Hair Salons in Madrid, Where to get Afro hair done in Madrid

Black women have an extremely special relationship with our hair. Let me say it again for the people in the back: Black women and their hair have a bond like no other. It’s not just for superficial reasons, either. If you want, I can bring it back to the age of slavery when Black women braided messages of freedom and maps into their crowns to very literally show them the way out of bondage. Then we can fast forward to colonial New Orleans where some Jelly Becky’s were so envious of Black queens’ strands that women were legally obligated to wear head scarves. (We all know how that turned out! Black women just make it work, excuse me, clears throat, worrrrrrrk.)

Also, starting over in a new place and trying to find a trusted salon is challenging. That relationship is very sacred. Here is a list of Black Hair Salons in Madrid to get you started.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, I have not tried all these salons personally, and cannot vouch for them. This is simply a directory of sorts to get you started and find a good fit for you.

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Black hair salons in Madrid for braids, twists, extensions, and relaxers:

Peluqería Afro Mari Cruz

Barrio: Cuatro Caminos / Tetuán

This black hair salon in Madrid does braids, extensions, color, natural hair and relaxers. I’ve tried this salon once for a blow-out on my natural hair. For my liking, it was a little poofy, is that a word? I am much more used to the Dominican blow-out, so it wasn’t up to my expectations, That said, she’s very sweet, and the prices are reasonable. The salon is easy to get to, and they sell other beauty products there as well. *They speak English!

Peluquería Sonia

Barrio: Gran Vía / Centro

This is a great afro-hair salon if you want to buy your own hair and extensions, but I will say that they are pricey. They’re located in the city center of Madrid, and you can tell. Although they have a cough white woman on their cover, whenever I’ve gone there have been at least one or two POCs looking around, or getting their hair done.


Barrio: Lavapiés

Box braids in Madrid? Yes, please! I’ve been to Fapenda for braids and also senegalese twists and what I can say is that they’re very efficient. I’m usually in and out in 4 hours, and they provide the hair as well. It’s a local, no-frills type of establishment, so keep that in mind when you go. That said, the women are kind enough.

Afro Natural

Phone: +34 618 91 52 91

This seems to be a new addition to the Madrid Black hair salon scene, however, I cannot seem to put my hand on an address for the physical location. They have a pretty well-done website overflowing with melanin, as well as a WhatsApp contact, but that’s about all I know!

Peluquería Afro Latino

Barrio: Embajadores

Their website is super basic, but the prices are intriguing. Apparently, they charge 80 euros for waist-length box braids, so that’s reason enough to give them a try, no? The closest metros are Embajadores and Lavapiés. Summer is great for an easy, hassle-free protective style!

Guinea Peluquería

Barrio: Lavapiés

Another spot in the Lavapiés which specializes in Afro hair, braids, extensions, weaves and the selling of specialized products. Again, I haven’t been here personally, but if you’re looking for a Black hair salon in Madrid, I want to give as many options as possible.

Ipanema Salon

Barrio: Callao

I debated whether or not to include this in the list for several reasons. One they’re a Brazilian salon which caters to clients interested in Brazilian keratin treatments in Madrid. As a natural WOC, this isn’t something that interests me, but I wanted to see if maybe they could simply do a blow-out. Two, they wanted to charge me upwards of 100 euros for the length and texture of my hair and because “they bring the products from Brazil”. While  I don’t see the value in that, if you’re looking to do a temporary straightening of your hair, this is probably a healthier alternative than many others.

Cuatro Caminos is a neighborhood in Madrid with a very high Dominican population. Apart from the dozens of yummy restaurants, you’ll also find many hairdressers. Dominicans love their hair as much as other WOCs, y’all. My only complaint about said shops is that they often spend the time you’re there either trying to convince you to straighten your hair to make it “softer”, or complaining about your texture. When I go to a Dominican salon in Madrid, I always bring my own shampoo, conditioner, mask and heat protectant.

Lavapiés is literally speaking the most diverse neighborhood in Spain. There are immigrants from all over, and more notably, Black and Brown people cruising through the winding streets. There are many Black hair care shops in this neighborhood, a number of which also have salons either in the back or in the basement. Before going, do your research. Personally, I do my best not to support establishments that also sell things I’m morally against (see lightning creams) which can whittle  my options down to almost zero. Fapenda is the place I’d trust my hair to if asked to make a choice.

Unpopular Opinion: Shimada Kemp is talented, creative, and trendy; nevertheless, his prices are not the most accessible for the average Auxiliar here. I’m also not convinced of his styling of natural hair. He’s amazing at coloring and someone I’d trust to dye my hair. I’ve recommended many women to him over the years, and most seem very happy! If you feel more comfortable with an English-speaking hairdresser in Madrid, then what is price anyway?  Here are a few natural hair mistakes to avoid while I’m at it.

Also, don’t sleep on your fellow Black women! Ask in The Tribe, for example if anyone is able to braid,  twist, sew or glue and you may just get lucky. A fellow WOC I met while living in Spain actually did my twists for my wedding! Those connections are the best to have because you get to pour into all your sister friends.

As a bonus, here are tips for traveling with natural hair!



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