Mola Mucho: Best Places for Tapas in Salamanca

Without a doubt Salamanca is one of our favorite cities in Spain. Without an overwhelming sense of tourism and with a strong community, there is always something new to experience. One of our favorite parts of Salamanca is the food so we've rounded up the best places for tapas in the city! 

Cantina Pico de Gallo

My friends who are originally from Mexico have noted that the tapas are really delicious here, at least in comparison to the Mexican food you can get in Spain. I like to order the sweet plantains with condensed milk (though not a Mexican dish) & the ceviche is absolutely amazing. If you’re in the mood for spicy food, they have a huge variety of hot sauce but don’t forgot to wash it down with an ice cold glass of agua de Jamaica (iced hibiscus tea.)


Café Atelier

Up for some vegetarian tapas? I usually order meat when I go out so I was a bit apprehensive about trying a vegetarian tapas bar but I have to say that the quality of the food and the service is so great that meat seems to be overrated; I’ve been twice this past week! I recommend their soy burgers, mushrooms, and lasagnas. I personally think that they have one of the best sangrias in the city as well as fresh lemonade.


Although Valor is a chain; I think that everyone should try their churros and chocolate at least once. After eating an uncountable amount of churros, I can say that Valor has some of the best. I tend to order chocolate con leche (milk chocolate) when I go there. Of course, you can also visit the café in other cities. 



It is located in the old town and I go there to enjoy tea, milkshakes, smoothies and churros with white chocolate. Their milkshakes and smoothies are a bit pricey but they are most definitely worth it. They also have a menu del día in the afternoons if you’re in the mood for a sit down meal.


Café Novelty Helados

The best ice cream in Salamanca and is situated right behind the clock in Plaza Mayor! I recommend the K-Bueno, Strawberry, Cream Cheese & Mango, and Dulce de Leche. A single scoop costs 2 euros while a double scoop cost 2.40.

Christyn Williams is a twenty-something raised in Atlanta. A lover of experiencing new cultures, she has a passion for the Latin and Caribbean vibes and energy.  Her irresistible impulse to constantly travel and be on the move has ignited her passion of international cuisine and photography. In love with beaches and bikinis, Christyn is excited to call the south of Spain her next home!