Best Spa in Madrid: The Organic Spa

There are okay spas, and there are exceptional spas. It's hard to find a bad spa, but we assume they exist as well. The Organic Spa in Madrid is an exceptional spa, and we will happily tell you why.

During our college years, or even more nomadic periods in life, going to a spa may have sounded not only implausible, but also a bit pretentious. Spas are not of our ilk, right? Wrong. As you know, LMDES believes firmly in self-care, and we want to remind you that self-care is not selfish, it's essential. At a spa you can receive any number of treatments from massages to facials to a classic foot or shoulder rub. Prices vary depending on the service you choose, the spa itself, and the length of time. Although the Organic Spa falls on the higher price end of the spectrum, there's never been a truer example of "you get what you pay for".

Photo via  the organic spa

Photo via the organic spa

What makes a Spa expectional?


Customer Service

There's a perceptible difference between "What do you want?" and "Hello, and welcome. How are you feeling today? How can I help?" Can you guess which category the Organic Spa falls under? I was almost blown away by their polite and accomodating demeanor. Spain isn't a country known for having high standards of customer service; therefore, upon entering the Organic Spa, I was instantaneously transported to another world.


Photo via  the organic spa

Photo via the organic spa


I wish I could tell you just how many strangers I've gotten undressed in front of in Spain. That's not to say that I'm perpetually flashing passersby, but at the doctor's office, in hospitals, when getting waxed, at other spas you simply are expected to undress. At the Organic Spa, however, I had an entire suite to myself complete with a separate changing room. Not only was I left to get undressed alone, the kind woman attending me closed the double doors in one, smooth swoop. I -- without exaggeration-- felt like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I was left alone to do what any other millennial blogger would do: take photos for the 'Gram!


Attention to Detail

It's the small things that say the most. The Organic Spa left no stone unturned. From the marble fountain in the foryer to the stocked shelves of organic and natural beauty products, to the ambient music and sweet, soothing smells of essential oils: it's arrantly impossible to not feel relaxed at the Organic Spa. There were fresh orchids at every turn, low lights, and somone to assist you when, and if needed. Since I opted for the traditional Thai massage, I was left with a pair of crisp, white, cotton pajamas and slippers to wear. Instead of being placed on the floor like the traditional Thai massage, they had wider massage tables so that you could place your neck in a more comfortable position. And my friends, what does one see when facing down, you ask? A bowl of water with floating flowers, of course! Again, detail is everything. I knew that this couldn't be Spain when I was told to ring a bell when I was ready to begin, instead of yelling, "¡Ya está!" down the hall like in most other places. They also offer a variety of hot teas either before or after your treatment. The Organic Spa anticipates your needs, and surpasses your expectations.

Photo via  the organic spa

Photo via the organic spa



Efficient communication is imperative especially when you will have a small woman walking on your back. Before the massage starts, you'll inform them of any problem areas, or goals for treatment. You'll also be able to choose which massage you'd like from relaxing, to a combination of Thai and Balinese; there's an entire book you can flip through to choose the best option for what you want and expect. They also check in with you mid-session to make sure that you're comfortable and enjoying. All that to say, what you want is paramount at the Organic Spa, so don't feel like you need to bite your tongue.

As for the price, services range from 65€ to a deluxe spa package for 2 for around 450€ which includes dinner, a private experience in the jet jacuzzi, ritual washing of the feet, a massage and exfoliation treatment. Now, don't be startled by the price. No one says that you have to go to the spa on a monthly basis. Think about it in more practical terms. If you set aside 30€ a month for four months, then you can treat yourself quarterly to a 60 min. massage and facial for 115€! Your body deserves to be pampered, and your mind deserves a break too!

Have you been to the Organic Spa? Tell us about your experience!

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