Like A Local: The Best Ways To Get Around In Barcelona 

When you’re in a new city, you always want to know the best ways to get around without spending a ton of money. Luckily enough, there’s a way to figure it all out before you touch down. Barcelona offers a generous variety of fast, reliable and affordable transportation options. Be sure to check them all out and pick the methods of getting around that are best suited for you! 


Bus (TBM)

Bus TBM Barcelona LMDES

Taking buses around Barcelona will offer you the opportunity to get around the city while seeing the sights as you travel. With 200 lines, there is a bus to take you just about anywhere you need to go within the city! It is important to remember that when you are taking the bus you will need to be reasonably independent - make sure you know where to get off or ask the bus driver for help. 

One-way ticket price: 2,15 € 



Barcelona Metro Map LMDES

Barcelona’s underground system is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get around the city. There are 12 lines with 160 stops that connect the suburbs with the city. It can get you to major points within the city including the university campus, beach and airport. It is a comfortable way to travel in the summer as there is air conditioning in the carriages. 

One-way ticket price: 2,15 € 



Bicing Barcelona LMDES

Barcelona is one of the most bike-friendly cities in all of Spain! The public bikes are a very economical choice for travel within the city amongst residents. The Bicing service consists of 6,000 bicycles distributed around 496 stations and set up in different strategic parts of the city. Users can hire a bicycle in any of the stations and return it in any of the other 495 available around the city. The first 30 minutes of use are free and the service run 24/7/365. There is currently one type of subscription available: 

Annual Subscription Annual Hire Card fee: 47,16 € 

First 1⁄2 hour of use: Free 30 to 120 minutes: 0,74 € 

2-hour penalty: 4,49 € 

*Tip: Avoid additional fees by returning your bike before your first 30 minutes are completed and checking out a new bike for another 30 minutes! 



Barcelona Taxi LMDES

Throughout Barcelona you will see taxis that you can hail to take you quickly and conveniently around the city. This is significantly more expensive than using public transportation. However, it is a useful way to get to your specific destination especially during the evenings or after a night out on the town. 

The taxis in Barcelona are black and yellow with a green illuminated light on the top of the taxi indicates that it's available. To hail a taxi all you only need to do is to raise your hand or you can call to reserve a taxi in advance. General rates start around 2,10 € + 1.03 € per km with service to the airport having a supplementary fee of 4,20 €. 

*Tip: Journeys should be paid for in cash (20 € bills or less) since very few taxis accept credit cards and don’t carry change for large bills. 

There are several private companies that can be called to order a taxi. Keep in mind the taxi meter starts running at the point where the taxi driver is when they pick up the call. 


Insiders Tip: Invest in a Public Transport Bono

If you plan to use public transportation a lot, you should consider getting one of various Bono cards that can be used for the bus, metro and tram systems. The cards can be purchased at tobacco shops and authorized kiosks. The most popular cards include: 

T-10 PASS 

Trips: 10
Price: 9,95 €
Valid: All operators (Zone 1)
*Tip: Allows you to make a free connection within the 75 minutes of validation period from one means of transport to another, for example from metro to bus. 



Trips: Unlimited for 30 days Price: 52,75 €
Valid: All operators (Zone 1) 



Trips: Unlimited for 90 days Price: € 105
Valid: All operators (Zone 1) 

Alright, you’re all set. These are the basics of what you need to know when getting around Barcelona! 


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