How The Game Has Changed for LMDES and What It Means For The Future

You may have noticed that Team LMDES has been absent recently.

We didn’t ghost on you all! Promise!

For those of you wondering why exactly there’s been radio silence recently, let us explain!

Towards the second half of 2018 we found ourselves feeling a bit uninspired. We started the dangerous game of comparison and contrast, the many algorithms just wouldn’t let us be great, and from a content perspective, frankly, at times it felt like we were talking to an empty room. Can anyone relate?

We know that with any creative, this is far from uncommon, so we let ourselves feel what we were feeling! We took time to step back, and look at big picture components and goals for LMDES. During this time, we’ve been able to get back to the heart of LMDES, asking ourselves the hard questions like where we see LMDES going in 2019, what does our audience need and want from us, and how can we keep innovating this dope and thriving community that we’ve spent the last 4 years growing?

Serious questions, aren’t they? Now you know why they needed our full attention.


You see, in 2014, LMDES’s main priority was carving out safe, welcoming, and lively spaces for WOC in Spain all the while changing the narrative and bringing visibility to the myriad of stories that exist out there.

Good news is that we did just that. So many of the women we interviewed or collaborated with years ago have founded platforms based on their various values and fields.

Erin Corine for example has a physical space in Madrid where creatives can go, vibe, and well, make magic! We’ve been a fan of hers for years now! Here’s her first interview with us!

Lee Litumbe is now sharing her stunning content with an audience of over 115k! We interviewed her in 2015!

Gloria Atanmo was one of our first contributing writers, and now, you can catch Glo all over the world (literally) changing the travel game!

We say this not to take away the merits of these incredible women, but to point out that when we did in fact accomplish our goal of providing an accessible platform to share these stories, we found ourselves a bit, well, stumped as to the next step and vision of LMDES.


When it came time to host the retreat this December we were— in all honesty— going through the motions a bit. Of course we were excited, naturally, however since this is our third retreat this year, we knew exactly what to do and when so that the trip went smoothly. That said, every group of women who come on the LMDES Getaways is unique.


We love what we do! We love curating experiences and bringing WOC together! We had no idea that we, at LMDES would walk away with just as much— if not more— inspiration as the women who flew in from their respective corners of the globe!

To say that we needed this trip was an understatement.


Each. and. every. single. woman who attended the retreat this past December helped to reignite the fire that was in danger if being extinguished completely! It was a beautiful reminder of not just why we do what we do, but who we do it for.

Some of the retreat highlights include:


Danni leading her first yoga classes!

The hike to Cap Prim with perfect weather (even in December!!)

Reuniting with our favorite cooking twin sisters for an in-home Spanish cooking class.

The wine tasting with tapas pairing at La Trastienda.

The chance to support a variety of local businesses in Jávea as well as exploring the Christmas markets.

Thank you ladies, and thank you Tribe for sticking with us through the creative moments where we flourish, and those moments where creativity and inspiration run scarce. When you send us emails to ask questions, or tag us in your photos, or engage with our content we are reminded that LMDES is so much bigger than Sienna or Danni. It’s all of you out there!

We have no intention of slowing down any time soon, so 2019 get ready to see more of us!