Reshaping Representation: 8 IG Accounts Changing The African Narrative

Africa has been a source of inspiration for art and style around the world since the beginning of time, but often times it has only been appreciated in relation to, or through a Western lens. While most of mainstream media and many of the Western world may still think that Africa is overrun with huts and poverty, Africans have been writing their own stories of everyday life. Even further, the trend and the norm is to speak of Africa as a monolithic group of people in a large country where everyone looks and acts the same.

Luckily, social media puts the power of driving the narrative into our hands, and many African artists, creatives and innovators are doing just that. I’ve rounded up some favorite Instagram accounts of a few African fashion bloggers, photographers and storytellers to follow along who are showing Africa for what it is: a diverse bustling continent filled with innovators, creatives and unique artists of many cultures. Black representation in art is important, and we are here to take charge. 





Yagazie is a documentary photographer whose photos captures Nigeria like you’ve never seen it before. She hails from Lagos, Nigeria, but her photography focuses on telling a story of the African continent through travel, fashion and captivating photos.



The self-proclaimed “Hobbytographer’s” photos are unapologetically colorful in his depiction of his everyday Ghanaian life. Upon first glance at his feed you will notice the vibrant colors and unique portraits of people in Tema, Ghana.



Cedric Nzaka, a Kenyan photographer who is South African based, captures portraits that are colorful, melanin filled and will give you all of the style inspiration you’re looking for.




Think Travel Noire, but specific to Africa, Visiterlafrique is a platform dedicated to inspire nomads to explore the rich continent. Scrolling through their Instagram will have wanderlusters scrambling to find tickets to explore all corners of the beautiful, diverse continent. For an added bonus, check out their website where they have an interactive map of Africa with country-specific arts and cultural information.


Scrolling through this feed will have you waiting to book your next ticket to Senegal’s capital city. Get ready to explore Dakar in a way that you haven’t seen on mainstream media. IG faves like @spiritedpursuit have documented their travels through the city on this account.


Africancityzens is an account run by @Lafrohemien and @lukhovi, two artists dedicated to show the diversity and beauty of Africa through beautiful photography and storytelling.

Style & Lifestyle


For style-lovers, adding Keneilwe Nei to your feed will not disappoint. Nei gives you fashion, art and culture all in one beautifully curated feed. Keneilwe is a freelance interior designer, and a style icon. Follow her fashion blog Prime Obsession for more.


Velma Rossa of 2manysiblings

Velma’s feed is gorgeously curated with minimalist vibes and pops of vibrant colors. The second half of the brother and sister duo blog, 2manysiblings, is all things simplistic and the contemporary African aesthetic.


This list, of course, doesn’t crack the surface of the wonderful accounts and blogs out there!

What are some of your favorite Africa-based Instagrams to follow? Let us know in the comment sections below!

Nikki Ndukwe is a twenty-something part time writer + foodie and full time travel enthusiast. Most of her time is spent plotting new adventures and day dreaming about life in Spain. Lover of photography, style, food, culture, languages, and all things Spain, Nikki is currently adventuring in the north of the country.