Adventures in Online Dating: 4 Stages of Creating an Online Dating Profile

Disclaimer: When I took the plunge into the abyss of online dating, I had no idea where to begin. There was no Tinder, no swipe left or right; it was nitty, gritty, profile filling-out, for better or for worse. Aka, plenty of time to re-think your decision, but more than enough time to get hooked.


Photo cred: Tumblr

Photo cred: Tumblr

Am I doing this? Yes, I’m doing this. Oh gah, what about my Internet footprint? Is this profile forever like my screename? (What was I thinking?) I can’t do this. . . but wait, it’s free! This is ridiculous. I am ridiculous. Do people still say yolo? That’s irrelevant, I’m people and I’m saying it: yolo!  


I don’t have to conform to societal pressure of the Princess who waits helplessly for her Prince Charming! I’m a Queen! We are in the age of technology! It’s my right to click this button! There are plenty of people who would click this button if they could. Down with Disney’s unrealistic, fairytale, bubble-gum promises! I do what I want! Wait, do I? Rawr, hell yes I do!



It’s free, so if I don’t like it, I’ll just delete it. I’ll give myself a limit, yeah, like a deadline. Okay, so I’m a sorta like a sociologist (since I took Intro to Soc. back in sophomore year) and my time frame is 45 days. If I don’t find love in 45 days, or enough material to write a mini-thesis, I’ll get rid of my profile. I’ll do almost anything in the name of education. Yes, <insert your name> this is a learning experience, not a last minute grab at straws because <insert an age that scares you> is playing peek-a-boo at my front door. I’m a curious person. Einstein and Tesla were curious. I’m basically Tesla.



I’m young. I don’t live in my parent’s basement and play with my belly button lint. If I’m a fairly normal person, there are bound to be other fairly normal people on the site. I’m going to do it.


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