A Look Inside Life In Paris with Estelle Lubino

Estelle Lubino is a creative mind that we've had on our radar for a while. Intrigued by the beauty and simplicity of her Instagram feed, she was included in our 5 Creative WOC Abroad to Follow on Instagram but we wanted to hear more from her! Living in Paris for many years, she has an alluring way of capturing and sharing the simplicity of everyday life in France. We got to sit down with Estelle to hear about her favorite hot spots, how to live a healthy lifestyle and advice she has on fashion and creating a life you truly love. 

For those of our readers who might not be familiar, tell us a bit about who you are and what you do. 

Well, first thing first, I am Estelle, I grew up in France where I spent the biggest part of my life. I traveled a lot but ended up spending most of the time in Paris. I went to college, graduated in Foreign Languages and can now teach French as a second language. Teacher! Who knew?! 

I live now with my bf Lionel in the suburbs of Paris and work for the French Ministry of National Education. 


So, you live in Paris. How long have you been based there and where did you call home before? 

At 13, I moved to Mexico with my mom just for one year. Then I spent my teen years living with my dad in Guadeloupe (French West-Indies). This is where my parents are from. Sea, sand, sun and also great local food... there is no place like home.  


As you already know, we’re obsessed with your Instagram and the way you bring a new light to the seemingly mundane. What tips do you have for those who are trying to step up their game on the ‘gram? 

Thank you! Actually, it is all about having fun! Do not take the 'gram too seriously! Just plan a little strategy, settle on a theme and try your hardest to stick to it! 


You’re a collaborator with the ladies over at HBFit and you live a very healthy lifestyle. What are 3 of your favorite recipes or go to meals?

Yes! (What a great experience to collaborate with such inspiring women!) I am an avocado lover, I think avocado toast is the perfect go-to for a quick lunch or nutritious breakfast, so simple to make yet so satisfying and delicious! 

Sweet potatoes too! They are always there for me when I'm starving but feeling so very lazy! I have perfect the art of the sweet potato fry. Tossed with coconut oil, sprinkled with sea salt, paprika and cayenne pepper. Love it!

And smoothie bowls (praise the heavens), this one is a beaut and fav of my favs. Itching to know why? Because I literally can eat it every.single.day without fail. Banana-date is the perfect match for the perfect smoothie bowl, easy, filling, energy-giving! I have to admit, I can get a little crazy with my toppings some days. 

How about working out? What do you do to stay active and what advice would you give to those who are trying to have more fun while being fit? 

You just have to learn to stay committed and consistent to reach your goals. There is no secret! 

I workout almost everyday, at home, with some Popsugar Fitness workout videos or Nike Training. Early in the morning, before going to work, nothing better to stick to your routine and start your day right. For example, every evening I check to see what the morning workout will be. I also run with my bf on Sundays. I would love to enter a 15km race this year! 

Seeing the results of hard work keeps me motivated! And buying new workout clothes is the best reward! 

If you had to describe your life right now, in only three words, what would they be?

I am going to go with: balanced, decent, surprising. Nothing crazy but life is good. 

Where do you go to find inspiration in your everyday life? 

Pinterest haha. It is so addictive! The streets of Paris are so inspiring, we have so many wonderful museums, gardens and greenhouses. I also love going to Ofr. my fav bookshop in Paris where I can spend hours leafing through magazines and books. 

Paris is a city filled with culture and community. Do you feel like you have a strong sense of community where you live? If so, how have you found it?  

I do feel like Paris is a home away from home for people from many countries. The recent attacks generated a great deal of solidarity that touched Parisians and comforted the idea of a true sense of community. I also feel like Instagram has built a living, breathing community where I live. I have met new very good friends, this makes me think how about amazing this little app truly is. It really helps building friendships, I mean they just made it even easier with the DM thing haha 

Your style is impeccable. Modern, sleek and sophisticated. What are some pieces that you can’t live without? 

Oh thank you! My closet has a lot of trends, I always try to wear something trendier but it almost always involves starting with the basics. I really love basics! I think they are key of a good wardrobe. 

The classic white shirt is my favorite, sometimes I steal my boyfriend's wardrobe and pick his best button-down white shirt and it looks great! I have according to me the perfect classic wash distressed jeans that I pair with and my outfit looks anything but boring. 

I also have this amazing flighty grey neoprene skirt that I wear in total grey look with yellow neon runnings or summer coral Air Force 1. 

Share with us three places that are currently on your bucket list. 

 Copenhagen, Tokyo, Milan

Where are 5 of your favorite cafes or places to go in Paris?

Café Lomi, Fragments Paris, Boot Café, Holybelly, Broken Arm

What advice would you give to the ladies who are looking to create a life that they truly love?

For me, you have to focus on something that is important for you. This is everything. I think that disciplines such as meditation, prayer, yoga, exercise and quality nutrition are the first steps to clear a mind, claim what it is we want and actually form beliefs that we deserve to be happy. 

What can we be looking to see from you in 2016? What plans do you have in the works?

I am currently working on a little baby. I have decided to start a wedding designer business and I am so excited! Cannot wait to tell you more about it! 

This interview was conducted by Sienna Brown. Sienna Brown is the founder of Las Morenas de España. From New York to Murcia, Spain, she is constantly on a journey to inspire and be inspired while engaging in different methods of creation.  Her passion for learning about others leads her towards constant exploration and practicing the art of listening as much as she can. See more of her work here and follow her adventures on instagram.