Spain Travel: 7 Reasons to Visit Ronda, Spain

Ronda is a town located in the region of Andalusia, 100km west of Malaga in the south of Spain. With history dating from the 6th Century BC, it's an authentic Spanish town boasting a unique mix of natural beauty and preserved history. Here are 7 simple reasons to consider Ronda if you're thinking about coming to Spain:

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Remarkable Food

Spanish food is known worldwide for being fantastic, and Ronda is no exception. If you're searching for authentic tapas, there's literally hundreds of places to choose from. Try some Iberian ham, meatballs, local cheeses, paté, and more — all accompanied by a nice cold beer or 'tinto verano' (red wine with lemonade), of course.

 Rich Wine Culture

Ronda, Spain has rich viticulture traditions that rival its culinary ones. There are numerous vineyards, such as Bodega F. Schatz or Samsara, where you can enjoy a visit or tasting. With an organic focus, both these places promote a unique biodynamic philosophy that delivers premium, award-winning products. But it's not just the vineyards to consider — you can find great wine all over the city in the numerous bars, restaurants and cafes. Don't miss our piece on Summer Spanish wines that will keep you fresh and happy (wink, wink!)


Weather at Its Best

Being so far south, the weather in Ronda is superb. Sunny and hot almost every day, it's a great place to soak up the Spanish rays. (But don't forget your sunscreen) But it cools down at night, and even when it's absolutely sweltering in the nearby Granada and Sevilla (think 40C+!), Ronda is a little bit cooler, making the heat manageable instead of overwhelming.


It's Stunning!

This city is striking! With the views you get from the high points of the city, to the white houses, and the cobbled streets, it's all truly beautiful. You get even better vistas if you venture into El Tajo gorge, which is 100m deep and offers a different side of the New Bridge. Then you also have the viewpoints scattered around the city that provide you with fantastic photo opportunities.


Complex and Grand History

Due to having been occupied in different points in time by the Romans, Arabs, etc, Ronda has much to see and do. You can visit the Arab baths, bridges, one of the first bullrings in Spain, plenty of museums, and more. The town itself is so old and beautiful that you it's easy to also just spend the whole day wandering around and soaking everything in, grabbing a beer or tapa when you fancy.

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Prime Location

Ronda is really well-connected in terms of being close to the large cities of Málaga, Seville, Córdoba and Granada, as well as plenty of beautiful little pueblos blancos (white towns), nature reserves, and more. Using Ronda as your base you can easily travel the rest of southern Spain by coach, train or car. Interested in renting a car and driving in Spain? We've got you covered!


The Language

If you want to learn authentic Spanish, from real people, Ronda is a great place to do it. Everyone in Ronda is extraordinarily welcoming and friendly and not many people speak English, so it's a great place to practice or learn Spanish. It's always fun to get to know a new culture and customs, and this is the best place to do it if you're searching for that true, authentic Spanish feel.

Have we raved about Ronda, Spain enough yet?

We think not! It's such a sensational hidden gem in Spain, and deserves all the praise and more so. From Roman bridges to Arab baths, and typical, picturesque Spanish plazas, Ronda, Spain really does give you a 360 degree view of Spain! We men, there's a reason that Hemingway and Orson Welles spent so much time here! It's an inspiring place to be!

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Now, let's go to Ronda!