7 Black Owned Businesses to Support in 2017 (and beyond!)

In recent years, a large emphasis has been placed on “buying black” and patronizing black owned businesses and service providers. LMDES has you covered for some of our favorite black owned businesses that provide many things from crystals, contemporary fashion, and even hoop art!



For Contemporary Women’s Fashion: Matte Brand

Based in Los Angeles, Matte Brand has proven that “Instagram Boutiques” do not have to be of the Fashionova variety. Founder and designer Briana Wilson focuses on basics made for women of color in all shapes and sizes. Her collections frequently include forward-thinking basics that place comfort at the forefront. Instead of creating colorful patterns, Wilson focuses on using neutral colors that allows customers to mix and match pieces…and possibly wear every day! Did we also mention that each design features colors that flatter our various melanin tones.

You can shop this brand at: http://www.shopmatte.com/ and don’t forget to check out their Instagram feed: @mattebrand


For all your metaphysical needs: Aliwaza’s

For any of you crystal lovers, this one is for you! Aliwaza’s is an amazing brand headed by “Girlboss” LaTetra Shanea and will be sure to fulfill all your metaphysical, spiritual, and wellness needs. Aliwaza comes from a longer name that means “she who aspires to guide,” and guiding she does! At Aliwaza’s you can purchase your Yoni Eggs, Yoni steams, crystals, waist beads, AND whipped shea butter products. Not only will your products come in beautiful packaging, but also with an amazing energy that will keep you feeling positive and able to conquer the world! Luckily for us, Aliwaza’s provides worldwide shipping as well as customized customer service should you ever need guidance on choosing a product that’s right for you.

Browse the extensive crystal collection and even get some whipped shea butter at: http://www.aliwazas.com/ and @aliwazas on Instagram


For melanin flattering lingerie: Therichera

Sometimes you need a lingerie set that will complement the melanin in your skin, and when those times occur look towards Therichera. These handmade sets will be sure to have you drooling over their rich colors as well as their rich textures, as the sets feature velvet, satin, and faux fur. These sets are perfect for those nights where you just want to look and feel sexy! Order a set, let your melanin shine, and be great!

You can find the sets at: http://www.therichera.com/ and @therichera on Instagram


For beautiful, sustainable handbags: Love Beatrice

There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the beauty of a Love Beatrice purse. Sustainably made with an emphasis on “ethics + aesthetics,” these bags are proof that a reduction in carbon footprints does not necessarily mean a reduction in style. Crafted by a one woman team, Love Beatrice focuses on minimalism and simplicity for the modern-day woman on the go. 

Discover the beauty at: http://www.lovebeatrice.us/ and @love.beatrice on Instagram.


For the cutest, quirkiest T-Shirts: Served Fresh

Where else can you find shirts emblazoned with “Black Girl Magic,” “Alternative Fact Checker”, and The Notorious B.I.G? None other than Served Fresh, this online shop features products that are culturally poignant as well as timely. Entertainers and intellectuals alike have been spotted wearing pieces from their various collections.

Do yourself a favor and find them at: http://www.servedfreshcollection.com/  and @servedfresh on Instagram


For beautiful needlepoint products: Sam Storch Did That

Whoever said that hoop art is dead has not seen a “Sam Storch Did That” product! From embroidered denim and patches to hoop art that you can hang on your wall, these products are artfully and lovingly made by Samantha Storch. Each creation is hip, trendy, and sometimes even political! We love her pieces because she literally makes something for everyone, the next time you need some retail therapy check out her Instagram feed and get your life---her work is simply iconic!

Find your new favorite thing at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/samstorchdidthat and on Instagram @samstorchdidthat

For intricate, handmade tunics and kimonos: Amewusika

Last, but most certainly not least is Amewusika. Designed and executed solely by a one-woman production named Frank Selasie, this brand takes us to a luxurious frame of mind. Each collection features richly dyed velvets and silks and beautiful stories about its inception. If we were to describe the brand in 3 words they would be: captivating, majestic, and enchanting.


Find the magic here at: http://shop.amewusika.com/ and explore the Instagram @camewusika

Black Americans have a spending power of $1.1 trillion dollars, so why not put some of that money towards supporting one of our own? By spending money with black owned businesses we have the ability to empower our community and ensure that our money does not benefit greedy corporations with dubious intentions. The power of our wallets can reshape our community and bring along black wealth and economic freedom. The dollars we spend in black owned businesses directly impacts the black community, as these black business owners are more likely to hire other blacks and subsequently help combat rampant unemployment. Who knew you could change the world with your wallet?


Dani Washington is a 20-something expat from DC. Aside from finding the coolest new music, she loves great food, and getting lost in new cities. Connect with Dani and learn about her various adventures on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/thatsdani__/)  and her blog (https://danienespana.wordpress.com).