5 Ways to Keep Your Momentum When Giving Up Is Not An Option

It would be a complete lie if I was to say I have never hit a wall in my career. Yes, my career can have me floating on cloud nine from meeting new people all over, and traveling to some amazing places. However it can also leave me exhausted and frustrated, sitting in the middle of my living room floor, pulling out my fabulous curls one by one (insert sad face here)  Trust me, I know that it’s not-so-glamorous to acknowledge that we are feeling pretty burnt out and at our wits end. If you have hit that wall pull up a chair and get the 411 on how to we can get that sparkle back in our eyes eh? Here are some ways to keep up your momentum even when the going gets tough.


Take a moment to pause

his is the first step because really everything else flows from this. Pausing allows us to evaluate, which can make all the difference between giving up, and not giving up. One thing I have learned over the years is to give myself permission to feel what I feel in moments like this, and not feel the need to save face. When we pause we can ask ourselves why we are feeling what we are feeling. If we know why we feel what we feel we are more capable of being able to change it! So let’s pause and see what’s going on inside of us!


Make a list of your progress thus far

This step is major because sometimes we have tunnel vision and only look towards the end goal. This can be VERY  un-motivating when we take into account how tired we feel, and how  long trek ahead is. So take a few moments and list your progress towards this goal over the past few weeks/months/years. Quite honestly I try to celebrate every victory even if it is small. Why? It keeps me motivated! So break out the party hat or at least your good sweater and treat yourself to a little something that makes you feel fabulous and celebrate the small things!

Check in with the Divine

Yes, I know many of you are thinking shouldn’t this be number one? (Don’t judge me) But oddly enough for most of us we wait until we are one hot second away from flipping our wig to make time for our spiritual lives. Since you have already taken a moment to pause and list your progress, now you have a better idea of where you stand. If you have hit a wall you may be missing something that is bigger than you. Check in and get the clarity that you are seeking.


Switch it up a little bit

 When we find ourselves down in the dumps and want to give up, some new and fresh energy can make all the difference in the world! So try something new!  It doesn’t have to be life altering new, it could be something as simple as taking a new route home, trying a new coffee spot, or a different workout class. You would be surprised how changing up one thing can open up the flood gates to inspiration. The more you switch it up the less likely you are to get stuck in a routine that can lead you back to this lethargic not so fun space. So get out there and switch that thang!

Check in with your peeps

If you have just one person that you can be totally honest with (consider yourself lucky) this is the person that you can reach out to. My best friend has witnessed so many ugly crying moments that it’s not even funny and I will always adore her for her loyalty to me and my feelings, but you know what? That’s what friends are for! If you happen to be fortunate enough to have a group of supportive like- minded individuals it time to utilize your peeps!  Why not go and soak up some love, share how you are feeling, and gain new insight and inspiration? When we are so close to throwing in the towel we can forget how uplifting good energy and conversation can be. So get back out there, and remember you have nothing to hide, you are authentically human!

*If after doing this handy dandy checklist you find that you are still feel are feeling out wack, you may need to repeat all of the above or a few from the list until you get some things back in perspective. Allow yourself the freedom to mix up the list and find a way to make it work for your everyday life. You got this, so go and be fabulous!

Erin is a writer, and motivational speaker for women. She focuses on the "art" of life enhancing using her creative and non- conventional methods to help women to think outside of the box, and propel themselves to the next level of their lives. She is a Pasadena, Ca native now residing in the city of Atlanta. Her workshops are mobile and have been on tour throughout the United States.