5 Protective Styles To Keep Your Hair Flawless this Fall

As we say 'goodbye' to summer and hello to cooler temperatures it’s time to switch up many aspects of our daily lives. Now that autumn is upon us we’re exchanging the iced tea for warm apple cider, and crop tops for chunky sweaters and boots. Our skincare regimens may also change, opting for more moisture in our routines to keep our melanin glowing. But it doesn’t end there.

Our tresses also deserve some love as well, which is why protective styling is a go-to for many natural hair babes out there. Protecting our hair from the damaging cold temperatures and the wind is a must!  How are you protecting your hair this fall? Here are some of our favorite looks this season!


Wigs are all about functionality and protecting your hair underneath. Here are a few of our favorite looks.


Crotchet Twists and Fros

Don’t want to sit in the chair for 6+ hours, but want to look like you did? Crochet styles are versatile, cheap and look amazing! Unravel the twists after a while for a fun, twist out afro style.

Afro-textured Clip-ins

How do you all of your Instagram faves have such luscious, full fros all the time? Witchcraft? No. Black girl magic? Yes, also with a little bit of help from natural hair clip ins. They are easy, fast, fabulous and come in a variety of lengths and textures. For virgin hair try Heat Free Hair and for synthetic ones try Big Hair No Care.

Faux locs

Faux locs or goddess locs were all the rage during the summer, but they also transition well into the fall!


Head wraps

Add some color and personality to your outfit by tucking your hair in vibrant wraps. One of our favorites are Fanm Djanm!

Nikki Ndukwe is a twenty-something writer, “hobby-tographer” and full-time travel enthusiast. The self-proclaimed Southern-Nigerian is from Houston, Texas but is always on the move. She enjoys plotting new adventures, learning new languages and sipping on Galician wine where she currently lives in Ourense, Spain. You can follow her at @ohhellonikki on Instagram for more!