From Lush, With Love: 5 Tried and Tested Products for Sensitive Skin

Lush is a brand most-known for their vegan, cruelty free, all natural beauty products. Their stores smell like heaven, their staff -- from my experience-- is always ready to slide in, and give you a hand massage, or a sample, and their products are notoriously expensive, but worth it. I too once thought: 10 euros for 100g! The devil is a liar! But, I can say now that I get it, and I'm a complete convert.

There's so much more than bath bombs! So much more! 

About 6 months ago I started a "no make-up" challenge for myself, and part of this challenge was to also treat my skin better. I'm trying to be on my Cicely Tyson and Angela Bassett, you know? In comes Lush. Admittedly, walking into the store for the first time can be a bit overwhelming: there's music, there are chalk signs, and facials on ice, and sinks, and soap by the kilo. The names are just clever enough that you have no idea what they do. If you've never seen toothpaste in tabs, or deodorant that looks like a bar of soap, you may feel a bit accosted. Don't give up. Just walk straight to the back right corner of the store towards the facial cleaners and masks and breathe easy.

I wish this post was sponsored. Frankly, I'm just blessed that they allow this plebeian to peruse their deliciously smelling stores. I've tried so many Lush products because there's one on my way home from work, and honestly, I cannot resist the siren song. I'm human. Please don't judge me (Chris Brown voice). Here's a bit of context: I'm not an expert, I'm just a girl with a debit card, and love of Lush. I've got sensitive skin that gets very dry during the winter months, and leans towards oily on my nose and chin area. I think they call that mixed? I call it annoying, but again, not an expert, and not hip on the terminology. Enough faffing about, let's get to the list! 


Angels on Bare Skin


This is a gentle cleanser that really calmed my skin. It has ground almonds, chamomile blue oil, and lavender flowers. Like literal lavender. Don't get thrown off by the texture. It's a clay of sorts that you pinch off, and add water to. This cleanser worked well for me when I didn't want to super exfoliate, but something less harsh. The smell is soothing AF. Perfect for washing your face before bed. 


Cup 'o' Coffee


I don't like coffee, but I like this. It's a face mask. It looks similar to brown face, so don't snap a selfie because, because. I use this when I need an energy boost, or when I need to scrub my pores till kingdom come. It's the strongest exfoliating mask I use, so make sure to not over-do it. Once a week, at most! It has organic agave syrup, coffee, talc, coriander oil, and bentone gel. It smells just like coffee... on your face... in case you're into that. 


Don't Look at Me


This is a fresh mask. Fresh masks are a hoarders' nightmare because they expire after two weeks. I'm grinning because I've never used a fresh mask in two weeks. So, ha! Take that! I'm using technically expired face products! (Is that a win?) This is my go to facial in the summer months because it exfoliates without leaving my skin feeling brittle and dry afterwards. It's also blue, so while I wear it, I sing the early 00's masterpiece: "Blue da ba dee, da ba da" as any other reasonable adult would do. I noticed a change in complexion when using this product too because it has lemon juice, grapefruit oil, rice milk, silken tofu, and murumaru butter. (I can't pronounce it either. Just go with it).


Tea Tree Water


This is my traveling saving grace. My skin loves to freak out when I'm on the road, or on my way somewhere important. Boo! I buy this in both the travel size, and the big size because I also like to water my face as if it were a plant. (Cha, Cha, Cha, Chia!) It has tea tree oil, juniperberry water and grapefruit. Just spray it on, and either pat dry or let it dry on its own. 

Dark Angels

2013-04-11 16.07.08.jpg


This is my all-time favorite Lush product. This is the one thing I hoard unapologetically. It's an activated carbon based facial cleanser and my skin feels like I imagine the back of Beyonce's hands feel: smooth AF. It's black, so again, no selfie zone, and it smells slightly of sandalwood. It's got avocado oil, charcoal, rosewood oil and black sugar. It cleans my skin better than anything I've ever used, and I have a feeling it'll be a staple of mine for a while.


What are your favorite Lush products? 


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