5 Hotel Alternatives for the Savvy Traveler

Swapping out traditional hotel stays for unconventional options can jazz up your next trip. Traveling only has to be as expensive as you want to make it. You can stay at a 5-star resort for hundreds of dollars or stay with locals for as low as $50 a night.

When planning your next trip consider what your style of travel is. Hotels can provide you with a sense of security, and maybe you’re not jumping at the idea of staying in a stranger's home—but when traveling we have to think differently.

The world is not out to hurt you. You would be quite surprised to find out just how nice and welcoming and selfless people are when you travel. When I traveled to Ireland with my University, my friend left her phone in the taxi cab. She freaked out and went all day without her phone and started planning on how to shut it off and get a new one etc etc...

Little did we know, the taxi driver returned her phone to the front desk at the hotel we were staying in. How Nice! One point for Humanity!

Staying in nontraditional accommodations can open you up to a new world, a warm smile and people who can’t wait to tell you about the dinning and nightlife options— and I’m not talking about the ones you found on trip advisor.

We at LMDES curated list of the top 5 places to stay on your unforgettable trips. Comment Below, and let us know if you’ve used any of these options and what your experience was like! We want to know!



Now if you are really on a budget or just love saving money and all you need is a pillow at night than you might want to look into couchsurfing. This platform will allow you to stay in people's couches for free. Yup, you read that right— it’s Free.99.

If your plans change last minute or you find yourself in a bit of rut, then couchsurfing might be the best option for you. Make your dollar go further by couchsurfing. Even just for a night or two between other stays can help you save big.

The power in couchsurfing is that you will pass along the favor and let another travel crash on your couch for free too. You see how karma works? Check out more information here. 



Homestay is another booking platform where guest can book to live with host from across the globe. Homestay prides itself on connection. Hosts do more than just hand over the keys to their house but are part the experience. Check out homestay if you are up for making new friends creating lasting memories, and living like a local in the region you are visiting. 



Innclusive was created out of the need to make home sharing more diverse. After #airbnbwhileblack was trending on twitter, Innclusive founder, Rohan Gilkes, decided to do more than tweet about the issue, but took action by creating a platform that is more, well, inclusive. This is a home sharing platform strives to make people of all backgrounds feel welcome.

This website is great for anyone who wants to travel, loves and accepts people and has a desire to travel off beaten path. 



HomeAway is perfect for group or family travel. They are vacation properties. Hosts allow families to stay in their vacation homes for about half the cost and twice the comfort of hotels. Most of the options listed are luxury rentals and will allow you stay in a beautiful apartment looking over the sea. Sign me up!  



This has become a popular options for traveling and living life like a local. With Airbnb travels can book anything from trees house stay, bungalows and garden oasis all over the world. The

housing options on Airbnb has something that can fit every traveler's budget. I saw a listing for tent in a guy's backyard for $12— hey whatever floats your boat!

When booking an Airbnb make sure to read the reviews all the details and enjoy your stay! It’s a platform for a community of travelers who at the very least share a passion for traveling.


Safe and Happy Travels from LMDES, With Love!

Dominique Jackson is a contributing writing for  Las Morenas de España. She is a native of Columbus, Ohio and believes the world is at her fingertips and ready to be explored.  She caught the travel bug when studied international reporting in Dublin, Ireland. She believes that pursuing purpose is not an option and loves encouraging other people to live a fulfilling life. She is a lover of God, family, and friends. In her free time, she enjoys oatmeal raisin cookies and dancing to Hamilton.