5 Books to Reignite Your Wanderlust

Taking the leap to travel can be hard; there’s always something that’s holding us back. It could be a variety of reasons: not enough money, not knowing another language, fear of missing out (FOMO) on the lives of your friends and family, or the fear of the unknown. Sometimes, we need an extra touch of inspiration to get us up and seeing the world as we imagine it and more. Here are 5 books that will reignite your wanderlust.

Life Is a Trip is a story about author and journalist, Judith Fein, who shows the reader an unconventional view of the world throughout her journeys around the world. Each chapter is a story about her time in a different country and the relationships she has built with the locals. Her stories are very fun and engaging; it almost feels like you are globetrotting around the world with her.


The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari


The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is an inspirational story on how to add balance and fulfillment to one’s life. It is a tale about a top-shot lawyer, Julian Mantle. On the outside, it looked like he had it all: a six-figure salary, nice car, nice house, and many people who aspired to be like him. One day, he abruptly decides to walk away from his high-status law firm and move to the East to find himself spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Julian’s sabbatical ended up being a life-changing event. Upon his return back to his hometown, he used the knowledge and wisdom gained from his travels to help out his good friend and colleague on how he too can reach his destiny. This book teaches how to live a life of fulfillment and pay it forward to the next person.


Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel


Vagabonding is travel philosophy from the viewpoint of the author, Rolf Potts. He provides a guide on how to successfully plan your long-term getaway, whether it is backpacking, taking a sabbatical, volunteering, or working as an expatriate or a working holiday. It teaches you how to be a traveler versus a vacationer. The book itself takes you on a journey of cultural immersion. Upon finishing this book, I must say, I was very tempted to hop on an travel website and book a ticket to a new country I've never been to.

The Alchemist


An oldie but goodie (I recommend rereading this book, if you’ve read it already). The Alchemist is arguably one of the greatest pieces Paulo Coelho has written. It is a story about a shepherd boy named Santiago and his quest for worldly treasures and satisfaction. This novel will show you the importance of listening to the little voice in your head that says “You can do it!” and seizing every opportunity that will lead to you to fulfilling your dreams.


Tales of a Female Nomad



Tales of a Female Nomad is a story of a woman who went from an ordinary life to an extraordinary adventure. At the age of forty-eight, she decides to leave her comfortable life in an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood, in order to pursue her dream of building meaningful connections with people all over the world. This book teaches us that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself, start pursuing the dreams you have long desired, and how to unlock the hidden spirit that many adults bury deep inside with age.  


Which one will you read first? Let us know in the comments!


Nicole is the ‘Jill of all Trades.’ This New Jersey native is an English teacher, a writer, a history buff, a former collegiate track and field athlete, and a plant based foodie. She gained her global perspective after studying abroad to Hong Kong and Singapore. Since then, Nicole has been on a mission to aspire Millennials to take the leap abroad as well as live a healthy and active lifestyle. Stay updated on her latest adventures by following her on Instagram @nic_nac93 (http://instagram.com/nic_nac93) or her blog(http://nicole-antoinette.com).