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we’re sienna and danni.

LMDES - Sienna and Danni

If you’re here odds are, you’re finally ready to move abroad or your expat journey has already begun. Either way, it’s always been a dream but you never knew how to make it happen.

You often find yourself at work, scrolling through Instagram feeling uninspired, admiring women who always seem to have work/life perfectly balanced, traveling to new places and actually living life. You wonder how they made it happen and wish you could do the same.

Well, we’re here to not just tell you that it’s possible, but also to teach you how.


why we exist


Black women are leading the charge as one of the fastest growing groups of expats worldwide. But if you look at mainstream media, you would never know.

Five years ago, we set out to change that narrative of the black expat and share more positive experiences of women of color living abroad.

Let’s just say, mission accomplished.

LMDES - Why We Exist

Along the way, we’ve been recognised by huge brands like TEDX, NowThis News, NPR, Essence Magazine, The Huffington Post and many more.

Now, we’re dedicated to teaching women of color how to move abroad and build a life they love. Your time is now and we’re here to help you on your journey.


how we got here


In January 2012, our founder Sienna had her first taste of life in Spain. After a short, but sweet 6 month experience, she went back to New York to start her “real life”.

She thought “real life” meant 40+ hour weeks and a nice pay check, but she wanted something more. Two years later, she decided it was time to take the leap again, but this time, to start truly living.

While researching beforehand, she was frustrated with the negative representation of Black experiences abroad and decided to create a thriving community of women of color who were doing the same. With that, Las Morenas de España was born.

After reaching out via social media, Sienna and Danni started brainstorming ways to build the movement. Two months later, they finally met in a cute Madrid cafe and the rest was history.  

With a strong desire to reshape the Black narrative of Spain and thousands of Slack and WhatsApp messages later, an inseparable friendship formed and LMDES reached unimaginable heights.


Over the years, women kept reaching out asking exactly how we were able to do things like…

  • Find jobs that aren’t teaching English

  • Create a sense of home in a new city

  • Become multilingual

  • Travel without breaking the bank

We decided to shift our mission to not just share empowering stories but to now teach others how to take the leap and build the life of their dreams.

Now, we’re your one-stop shop to thriving abroad.  From work, to finances, to travel and lifestyle, we cover it all and teach you how to take the steps you need to make your expat dreams a reality.

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